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Direct method.The most basic and common technique for the laying of mosaic.Tessarae are cut and stuck face up, directly on to chosen base. The surface of mosaics made using this technique are therefore not always smooth and much license can be taken with the shape and texture of the tessarae.

Indirect Method.A mosaic laying technique often used for large scale work intended mostly for outdoor settings. Tessarae are adhered to paper with a temporary water based bonding agent ie; pva, or wallpaper paste. The mosaic can be transported then if necessary whole or in sections and set in its permanent base with the paper side uppermost. The paper is then peeled away to reveal the finished work. The resulting surface is therefore smooth.

Tessarae; These are the basic building blocks that form mosaic.At the start of any mosaic work it is advisable to plan and prepare enough tessarae to complete.

Smalti; These rectangular pieces of opaque glass mostly 10 x 15 x 7mm are handmade in Italy, available in a huge range of colours and give an irregular highly light reflective surface.